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sup nuggahz?

2007-07-18 08:13:05 by PaperBagMask

I dunno, maybe?


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2007-08-09 11:16:23

haha you suck, faomy runs newgorunds n theres nothing u can say to change it, the CC is nothing more than a couple of nerdy teenage boys who have emotional issues.

(Updated ) PaperBagMask responds:

You again?
I've noticed you have a habbit of deleting any comment against your views or opinions. Just so long you look good in the long run.
You seem to be mistaken again too.
Foamy does not run Newgrounds, the Clock Crew does. The Clock Crew is much older then Newgrounds.
The Clock Crew is not "a couple of nerdy teenage boys who have emotional issues", the Clock Crew is a large animation based group which a variety of members from different backrounds, ages and races. They are also a nifty bunch of cool cats. Nothing you say will change this, for it is the truth. What you are saying is nothing but lies.
I do not suck either, sucking is just not my style.


2007-08-12 16:05:53

Haha if u made the ending scene u wud of won an award!

PaperBagMask responds:

I don't care, awards on Newgrounds don't mean much to me. I got caught up with other things anyway.


2008-04-03 04:21:21

Hay thar.


2008-04-17 03:07:30

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2008-06-01 09:21:40

wasssss uuupp


2008-06-05 11:04:46

I got banned, could you guys cheer me up on my userpage?


2008-07-24 00:17:56


PaperBagMask responds:

thats a terrible birthday present


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